This morning I ran into my friend Q from Dub-Stuy Records¬†and he asked me what I was up to. I sheepishly looked down at the ground and told him about some freelance work that I’m doing – working on some car auction site and a few other things.

He replied, “oh”, and changed the subject.

He was actually asking me which of MY projects that I was working on. And at the moment, none. I’m always waiting to have enough money or enough time or just have too much client work on my plate (all lies that I tell myself, really).

I’ve been meaning to blog, so I’m re-launching X HipHop as an Alpha. By November or December, I want this to be the home for a bi-weekly digital magazine. And some music. And some other stuff that I’m not ready to reveal yet.

Stay tuned. If you want to reach out, @youngbitcoin or [email protected].

– Bobby